[trx_title type=”2″ style=”underline” align=”center”]About The Wexford House & Co.[/trx_title]

Where Passion Meets Creativity

Tampa Barber and Salon
Full service salon, rustic barbershop lounge, multifaceted creative studio.

We are a multidimensional company offering a variety of services to the Tampa Bay community. Located on West Kennedy Blvd, The Wexford House embodies all things creative with a focus on progressiveness, individuality, passion, innovation, positivity, communal support and networking.

On the bottom floor you will find a unique full service Redken salon with a rustic bohemian feel. On the opposite side mirroring the salon you will find a rustic barbershop lounge including a full liquor bar and local brews complementary to all guests.

The Wexford House also has event space available. Contact us through email at amy.wexford@gmail.com to inquire about open space.

The Wexford House & Co. is an advocate of small businesses in Tampa Bay. From the artwork and furniture in the interior to the advertising and photography projected to the community, we are strong believers in all things local. We believe in facilitating the progressive small business movement that’s happening in Tampa and it’s surrounding cities.

Stop by our eclectic work space anytime our doors are open!

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